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future of music

Self-governing Audio
Exchange Protocol

In partnership with
Vampr : Connecting
500,000 artists and music
industry professionals

Discover the Audio Exchange Protocol

A self-governing music ecosystem
built on the EOS platform

Risk-free Collaborations

Artists work together over Ricardian contracts. All agreements are made in human readable terms, executed in code. Payments are split automatically via Emanate’s smart-collaborations.

Real-time Monetisation

Every second of playtime is rewarded, can be paid instantly. A global micropayment system with fee-less transactions and no currency conversion issues. Various cash-out options.

Governed by the community

Token holders vote on issues relating to the future of the platform via an open governance system. Emanate does not take profit from the ecosystem.

3rd Party Integration

API/SDK for AI interactions, VR integration and more; Any software developer can have unlimited new music in their digital experiences whilst artists get paid in realtime.

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Emanate is building technology for the music economy of tomorrow

  • Interconnected tools for the $50 Billion music industry
  • 500,000 artists and music industry professionals ready to onboard via Vampr
  • MVP on EOS.IO launches Q4 2018
  • A platform built FOR the industry, not against it
  • Robust dual-token economy
  • Traditional subscription & payment model

Market entry

The roadmap and market entry strategy takes a grand vision and makes it fully achievable in 3 key stages which align token economics, legal barriers and technology development. Starting with 1) Smart-collaborations and a streaming service 2) An audio collaboration marketplace and 3) A full music ecosystem for artists, labels, partners and node holders.

1. Smart Collaborations
Token distribution phase
2. Emanate Live
Adoption and growth phase
3. Emanate AEP
Audio Exchange Protocol

The team

The Emanate founders, core team and advisory partners are the most committed, qualified and passionate team that you could ask for. Decades of combined experience in technology, project management, music, audio engineering, online business, lean startup strategy, marketing and media.

Major Partners

Strategic joint venture, sharing an audience of 500,000 artists and music industry professionals.

Strategic partnership to bring more blockchain based music into the hands of every day listeners.

Our strategic alliance with EOSphere connects Emanate to the global EOS Block Producer community.



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Spotlighted and featured by Block.One at Blockchain live in London, highlighting promising EOS Projects
Rated ‘Most promising music blockchain project’ by
500,000 collaborating music industry users ready to use Emanate via Pre-ICO partnership with Vampr

Market size

176 Million people paying for music subscription services globally
An estimated 5 million professional artists globally
$50 Billion industry

Emanate is set to bring the music industry
into the era of decentralisation

Problems in the music industry

  • Collaboration does not flourish because of difficulty getting accurate payments
  • Cross border differences in royalty collection rights
  • Lack of trust between independent musicians and majors
  • Slow payments (months or years) due to legacy systems
  • Artists often only monetise final songs or live shows, many just want to compose
  • There is currently little incentive for the industry to change

Emanate's decentralised solutions

  • Ledger and smart-contract based trust-less collaboration framework
  • Instant payments across borders
  • Transparent payments
  • DAO governance for the ecosystem
  • A level playing field for artists, labels and publishers
  • Standardised meta-data


To drive a revolution in musical collaboration, monetisation and connection.


To build a middle-class for musicians, helping those with talent and ambition to confidently rise from the bedroom to the main stage.


Sharing human connection and prosperity through music.


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Sale structure

Private strategic
Please enquire

Contact team

30 Million EMANATE (EMT)

Presale &
Bonus pool


58 Million EMANATE (EMT)

Main sale
Details TBC


25 Million EMANATE (EMT)

83 Million EMANATE (EMT)

Emanate platform pre-sale reopens 2019

EMANATE (EMT) tokens will provide platform access for active participants in the Emanate ecosystem to earn payments for their services after future releases.

Pre-purchasing EMANATE (EMT) helps you to secure a place on the platform ahead of it being promoted to the general music community and before the EMANATE (EMT) token is available to broader markets.

All tokens can be sent/received, staked, unstaked, held and sold as usual after the unlock period.

Tokens distributed monthly, with standard lock-up applies to all tokens to prevent premature trading. Additional lock-ups may apply.

Use of funds

Allocation Amount % Unused funds go to:
Seed 10, 000, 000 4.81% SOLD OUT
Private Strategic 30, 000, 000 14.42% Pre-sale
Crowdsale 83, 000, 000 39.9% Platform sustainability fund
Accounts/airdrops 10, 000, 000 4.81% Platform pool
Artist platform pool 30, 000, 000 14.42% n/a
Product development pool 25, 000, 000 12.01% n/a
Team and advisors 20, 000, 000 9.62% n/a
TOTAL 208, 000, 000 100.00%

Full details in the whitepaper

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The team

Sean Gardner


Sean has spent the last 12 years creating digital brand communications and technical platforms for top global brands and agencies. He has launched Augmented Reality projects as early as 2010 and produced Australia’s first branded Virtual Reality experience in 2014. Sean is music-obsessed and is known for making impossible ideas an effortless reality.

James Frew

Founder/Industry Relations Director

Jimi is an entrepreneur, music producer and DJ with more than 12 years of professional experience. Jimi has produced, engineered, remixed and curated for Evolution Radio, BBC 1XTRA, KIIS FM and 2DAY FM, Tommy Trash, A-Trak, The Stafford Brothers, Gryffin, Marquee Las Vegas. He has scored film placements for Magic Mike, Trophy Wife, Persons of Interest and the Bold Type.

Trent Shaw


Trent knows music and media inside out, and has over 14 years experience commercialising digital platforms in the music and entertainment space including years with Sound Alliance, Moshtix, and eBay. Trent is also no stranger to the startup space with several ventures and early stage investments under his belt.

Anthony Smith

Acting CTO

Anothony is the CTO of Emanate’s advisory team at Autonomous. PArtnering up with Ros Dold as a co-CTO of Emanate, Anthony brings experience managing large teams with a C programming background, depth of experience in storage solutions and some early interactions in the piracy space.

Ross Dold

Acting CTO

Ross is the CEO and founder of Australian EOS Block Producer, EOSphere. Ross was one of the lead personalities in Australia during the launch of the EOS mainnet, he runs Block Production for EOS mainnet as well as the Worbli sister chain. Ross’s background as a network engineer and blockchain early adopter give him official OG status.

Chi Yusuf

Art Director

Chi is a designer director with over 13 years industry experience with boutique design studios, to leading global brands. A strong conceptual thinker and outstanding visual focused designer, she understands the value of effective communications to meet brand objectives and consumer needs. She is passionate about bringing ideas to life through collaborative design.

Ignatius Widjaja

EOS Developer

Ignatius is a full-stack developer with experience emanating from satellite and smart grid infrastructures, serverless software development and platform engineering. Specialising in smart-contract and token creation, C++ and statistical data mining/ modelling, Ignatius gives developers with decades of experience a serious run for their money. Ignatius is a tech talent to watch. He is a USYD computer engineering student with a strong passion for all things music and a vision for a fairer and decentralised future believing that emanate can bring us one step closer to that reality.

Blake Cannell

Full-Stack Developer

Blake is a full-stack developer with 10 years experience ranging from advertising and game development to large-scale web development. In 2011 Blake competed in the World Skills competition representing Australia in web design. Blake is a DJ, designer and developer excited to combine his passions to contribute towards a decentralised future, free of unnecessary intermediaries.

Thomas Olsen

Head of Music

Grammy Award nominated musician, DJ and producer well known for his ‘Tommy Trash’ project which has taken him to the biggest stages in the world over the last 10 years. Thomas has worked with the likes of Tiesto, Ingrosso, Atrak and Digitalism as well as remixing Zedd, Deadmau5, Swedish House Mafia, David Guetta and Empire of the Sun. He is also an experienced investor in technology start ups such Genero, Roller Digital and Socialive. He believes that blockchain platforms such as Emanate will drive innovation and democratisation across the entire music industry.

Ron Radge

Creative Director

Who is Radge? Art Director, Design Director, Creative Director, Film Director, DJ, Taste-maker and fashionista. Vissukamma Ratsaphong has guided the visual direction, tone and tastes of brands such David Jones, Sass and Bide, Client Liaison, Modular, Park Life and more. Radge brings a little class to the Emanate team and his music curation is off the block-chain.

Jac Chevalley

Media and Communications Manager

Jacqueline is a media relations and corporate communications specialist, with over a decade of experience in both the public and private sectors. Jacqueline holds a Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications), University of NSW, and a Masters of Strategic Public Relations, The University of Sydney.

Sunghwan Won

Business Director - Korea

Won is a professional in IT, security, Digital and Business Excellence (LEAN). He has been with the Nestle Group for 22 years, Samsung and LOTTE in Korea, and had served as CIO and CISO. With more than 10 years of senior leadership experience in multinational & Korean companies, he believes that blockchain and cryptocurrency presents great opportunity.


John-Paul Thorbjornsen

MasterNode Ventures Advisor

Technology enthusiast, aeronautical engineering, former Air Force pilot, early Bitcoin adopter, Ethereum ambassador, CanYa CEO. Coming of the back of the successful $12 million CanYa ICO, JP is helping accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies globally.

Jennifer Zanich

Technology Start-up Advisor

Jen runs a tech start-up incubation program at UNSW and has been a VC investor, advisor & manager for over 15 years. She founded and successfully exited several ventures after growing Microsoft and MSN into billion-dollar Asia-pacific businesses during the 1990’s.

Ed St John

Music Industry Advisor

Ed started as a writer for Rolling Stone Magazine in 1977 covering artists such as INXS and Midnight Oil. From the mid-80s Ed worked on a number of music TV shows and in 1993 he shifted to marketing, doing time for Columbia Records and BMG Australia, eventually becoming CEO of Warner Music. Ed has served on the boards of the PPCA and ARIA and is currently the GM of the Ethics Centre in Sydney.

Matt Medved

Music Media Advisor

Matt Medved is a musical chameleon who has never shied from sharing his sound with the five continents he's lived upon. Founder of Billboard Dance, Billboard's dance and electronic music channel, he now fuses his songwriting with elements of house, techno and world music.

Vivie-Ann Bakos

Artistic and Strategic Advisor

Founded ABRACADABRA, a lifestyle and event brand which is fast becoming a global creative movement. Famous for: part of DJ duo BLOND:ISH, and founding member of shEOS, a leading EOS Block producer.

Matt Brown

Audio Engineering Advisor

Matt is an engineer with knowledge and practical experience in both software and hardware design and production. Matt is currently working as a digital signal processing engineer for Cochlear Australia. Matt holds a global patent for a unique audio recognition algorithm which he invented and built.

Jonathan Hooker

General Advisor

Jonathan is a Crypto Trader and ICO advisor/investor of over 2 years, making him a veteran in this fast-moving world! Jonathan is a true entrepreneur having built and sold tech companies in New York, London and Hong Kong. Jonathan and the Autonomous team are excited to help build the Emanate ecosystem.

Meg Dennis

Strategy Advisor

Meg is an entrepreneurial and accomplished innovator who coaches teams around lean approaches and design thinking. Meg has launched 10+ innovative and patented new products working with her own start ups, the Virgin group and diverse range of businesses from auto, pharma, finance and IoT.

David Werba

Indie Artist and Blockchain Advisor

Music start-up founder (Music Forte) Marketing strategist and TV producer (NBC and FOX). Former Growth Hacker/CMO at Musicoin, co-founder of Musiconomi, co-owner/Editor-in-chief at, and Founder of EWOTH: The Blockchain Dictionary. David is also a composer, music producer, and touring musician of over 800 live shows.

Hernan Arber

Strategic Advisor - Middle East

Developer, Entrepreneur, and Passionate Musician. Founder of EOS Israel and an outspoken EOS Evangelist. 18 years of experience in his fields, he has developed mobile music app Loopacks and has two successful electronic music projects: AirNaN and Mindelight.

Daniel 'Kane Beatz' Johnson

Industry and Artist Advisor - Hip Hop/R&B

Daniel Johnson is a Miami-born, Orlando-bred producer who has built a multi-platinum discography which includes Trey Songz, Young Money, Nicki Minaj (Super Bass) and Lupe Fiasco. Named one of the BMI Producers of the Year in 2010, his goal is to create epic, timeless every time. Daniel is looking towards decentralised technology like Emanate to help solve the issues he has faced in the industry and help young producers succeed.

Jordy van Oostveen

Platform Growth Advisor - EU

Jordy is a Dutch DJ/Producer with a long list of chart-toppers on his resume. Label owner, sound designer and 20 years of production experience. Jordy founded event production company ‘LastBlast’ and with deep connections throughout the music industry globally, Jordy is a self-made maestro. Born for collaboration, he believes Emanate will change everything.

Seth Cohen

Artistic and Strategic Advisor

Seth Cohen’s 12+ years in the music industry has seen him make appearances at BPM, Sonar, and Coachella, with residencies in Ibiza, Berlin, and LA. His talents have taken him across the world, called upon by well known musicians from Snoop Dogg to Martin Buttrich. Born in NYC, and currently based in Berlin, Seth has created a large network of musicians, DJ’s, and industry figures that reach across America all the way to Europe.

EOS Tech Team

Nathan Rempel


EOS Technical Advisor Lead developer with GenerEOS. Developer of GenerEOS EOStoolkit. CTO of KARMA.

Igor Lins e Silva


Technical Advisor Founder and Head of Tech for EOSRio. Developer of SimpleEOS. Top 21 Block Producer.

Michael Yeates


Founder of eosDAC, assisting Emanate with DAC planning, technical analysis, tooling and foundation principles.

Territory Influencers

Dan Aux

Territory Influencer - New Zealand

Dan Aux is a prominent figure in New Zealand’s thriving music scene: DJ, producer, musician and host of George FM. His incredible knack for seeking out the unusual and remarkable meant giving early radio play to global superstar, Lorde. His remix talent is proven in collaborations with P-Money and underground MC, Randa amongst others. Dan delivers impactful performances across stages including Rhythm & Vines, Homegrown and Sounds On.

Anthony Dolhai

Territory Influencer - Canada

Anthony is a music composer and mix engineer who has been active in the music business since 2006. His work has been featured on releases from prominent music labels such as Atlantic Records, Mad Decent, Spinnin’ Records, and Sony Music Canada, and he has produced content for Red Bull, Honda Motorcycles and Uber USA and has scored multiple top 40 hits at Canadian radio, and achieved over 20 million streams on Spotify.

Stu Tyson

Territory Influencer - Global

Two time beatport #1 producer and remixer, boss of Vacation Records, successful dance-pop songwriter. Bass Kleph/Taisun, has released hundreds of records on labels such as Spinnin, Hysteria, Smash The House, Big n Dirty, Ministry Of Sound, Hussle, Warner, Sony, EMI, Universal, One Love, and CR2. His live/DJ crossover performances have filled dance floors in over 33 countries. Stu has also spent 11 years mixing and mastering and mentoring for high profile clients.

Partnering Artists


Goldilox, is a Canadian singer and songwriter, born and raised in Reserve Mines, Nova Scotia. A struggling artist, Kay eventually moved to Vancouver, B.C. and turned to the Internet to widen her audience and increase her chances of being discovered. Currently residing in Paris, she released her debut EP under the name Goldilox called Skin via Sony Music Entertainment and has since released various independent singles.

Dave Winnel

Dave is signed to Armin Van Buuren’s Armada Music, and his diverse music style can also be found on AXTONE, Def Jam, Size, Ministry Of Sound and Big Beat. In 2016 Dave collaborated with Armin Van Buuren and released the summer festival hit ‘The Race’ which topped 1 million plays on Spotify and topped the beatport charts. Winnel’s single ‘Don’t Stop’ clocked up 2 million plays on Spotify, which made him one most sought-after remixers, on Twenty One Pilots, Clean Bandit, Axwell /\ Ingrosso, Anne Marie, Bastille, Hardwell and Adam Lambert.


Dance music’s elite are getting behind LO with releases on cult labels like Night Bass, Bunny Tiger, Confession and This Ain’t Bristol. He’s already been called upon to remix some of the greats like Röyksopp, Kaskade, Moby and Fatboy Slim. In no time LO’99 has clocked up four Beatport #1s with play on Triple J, BBC Radio1 and 1xtra. His debut single Take Me Back hit #5 on the UK club charts, while singles Make Me Feel and Fallen have soared to #1 at home on the ARIA Club Charts.

Analog Sol

Based in Barcelona, Analog Sol writes the kind of melodic, deep tech house that is perfect for a sunset party on a boat. He sounds kinda like Andhim & Nic Fanciulli if you mixed them with 80s Synthwave and a sangria. He also records all his songs 100% live on his Elektron hardware. His music has also received support from Mark Knight, Prok & Fitch, Olivier Giacomotto, Mike Vale, John Acquaviva, Monika Kruse, D.Ramirez, Mark Brown, Umek, Manuel De La Mare and many many more.


From the dark corners of the hacker realm comes i_o. Combining dark electro sounds with heavy techno grooves and deep evolving melodies, i_o brings together dance music's finest. With influences ranging from deadmau5 to Sander Van Doorn, i_o is poised to take over the world’s main stages with driving sets that grasp and don’t let go. With upcoming releases on Mau5trap, Spinning’ and Bite This coupled with co­signs from deadmau5, Tommy Trash and Jauz, expect to see i_o on flyers everywhere in the upcoming months.

Colours of Jupiter

Colours of Jupiter is an electronic musician hailing from an inspirational entourage of Australian production talent emerging from Sydney’s cultural beach scene. Never shying away from innovation, Colours of Jupiter collaborated with Google’s Ben X Tan to release his ‘Gold Rush’ single as an interactive Virtual Reality experience at Sydney’s Underground ‘Fables from the threshold’ Interactive Technology Gallery.

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High Level Roadmap

1. Smart Collabs

2. Emanate Live

3. Emanate AEP

Detailed Roadmap

Prototype & Sale
Q4 2017 - Q3 2018

Emanate Demo

Q3 2018

Token Sale Starts

Q3 2018

Alpha Phase
Q1 2019 - Q4 2019

Token Integration

Q1 2019

Emanate Live Alpha

Q2 2019

Partner Platform Integration

Q4 2019

Beta Phase
Q4 2019 - Q3 2020

Emanate Live Beta

Q3 2020

DAW Integration

Q3 2020

Production Phase

Emanate Live 1.0 Commercial Release

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Sale Conditions

By pre-purchasing an amount of EMANATE (EMT) tokens, you are doing so with an expectation that the tokens will eventually be used to perform services on the Emanate platform in maturity.

You understand that plans and developments may change in the lead-up the platform launch and the functionality pre-purchased may differ from what is communicated in the past. The amounts communicated in the tiers are indicative only.

The pre-purchase of EMANATE (EMT) tokens is a form of crowdfunding and may not be refundable if you are not happy with the purchase at any time in future.

Tokens distributed monthly, with standard lock-up applies to all tokens to prevent premature trading. Additional lock-ups apply as explained inside the ICO Dashboard payment gateway.

Launch ICO Dashboard
You must agree to the terms before proceeding.

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The Emanate network is being launched by

Blockchain Music Pty Ltd
ABN: 62 623 333 924

For media contacts please email
For investment discussion contact
EMT token holders please contact

Join our discord for community discussions

C/O : Valles Accountants
Level 1/452 Flinders St,
VIC, 3000

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